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Parallel Lines

Our Work

If you live in the Greater Pikes Region and are in need of a junk removal company, look no further than the Stark Strong Hauling, Junk Removal & Recycling team. We’ve got your back. We’re building a strong reputation with a solid base of customer service, quality and care. That is exactly what you will get with the Stark Strong team 100% of the time. We will show up on time to your home or business, clean cut, honest and respectful of both you and your home or business.


House Cleanouts

Whether it is an entire home that needs decluttering, or you just need a few sofas or mattresses disposed of, we are here to get the job done.

Garage cleanouts

If you are looking to be able to park your vehicle in the garage, Call Stark Strong to handle the heavy lifting!

garage horders.jpeg

Curbside Pickup

It is as simple as sending us a quick picture of your junk, and we will dispose of it promptly and sweep the area before we leave.

The few items we will NOT dispose of

The items we will not dispose of are as listed;

  • Household Chemicals

  • Herbicides/Pesticides

  • Car Fluids Oil/Antifreeze

  • Biohazard Items

  • Items Located In Dangerous Areas

  • Bleach/Cleaners

  • Wet Paint

  • Fuels/Gasoline

  • Pressurized Containers

  • Animal Carcasses

  • Any Other Known Hazardous Materials

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